A brief guide to our stress-free Dental Implants procedure that would normally take weeks, we can do it for you in


Plan your trip in such a way that you arrive on a Sunday, start the procedure the very next day, and you can return home on Friday evening, with your brand-new confident smile!

Full dental restoration in 5 days – Swiss quality guaranteed

To the people around you, your bright and healthy smile shows happiness, youthfulness, happiness and success. You feel the same when you look in the mirror, bite on your favourite dish with no trouble and when speak with full confidence. The procedure of getting your teeth done is worthwhile, and many of our patients admit eventually “Why didn’t I come much earlier?”

Not all dental professionals can guarantee this with high quality, fast and pain-free. Recovery is quick, it’s ready for immediate use and what is important - you don’t need to take a long period of absence from your daily life and you can save cost on flights and accommodation.

Lastly, you leave with a BRAND NEW SMILE!

We are also aware that once your decision has been made, you would want something quick, complete.

You want it done as soon as possible. “I just want to close my eyes and when I open them, everything is perfect” – this is how we try to ensure your experience will be.

We ensure that 5 days is enough for a complete and ready-to-use reconstruction!

A few years ago, this was the future. Today, it is reality.

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Trust is a fundamental importance for us

One can ask themselves - How could you trust a professional that you have never met? We are aware that low prices are important, but building trust is crucial to us, since you will permanently – perhaps for a lifetime – be wearing the result of the treatment we provide. Patient-doctor relationships is priority for us.


Chief implantologist, IF Teacher, Forensic Dental Expert

BÁNFI, Viktor

Executive Consultant in Implantology

The secret to our extraordinarily rapid reconstruction procedure is a ready-to-use Swiss technology, the IHDE dental implant method.

Back in the day dental implantation meant a series of painful operations, waiting for months to heal. Taking regular, time-consuming visits to the clinic became a constant affair. It was troublesome to eat and speak properly. This revolutionary method put an end to such troubles. Today we insert and position all implants simultaneously; each implant supports the ones around it, which makes it very stable and prevents anything from being displaced.

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The 5-Days Dental Implant Treatment Process

Day 0.


After  making an appointment, you would just need to book a flight and accommodation to Budapest. We  are more  than  happy  to help  organise  your  trip in case you  need  assistance,  and we provide  free  airport transfer to  the  hotel of your choice.

Day 1.


During the free consultation, we will examine your teeth and take a panoramic x-ray. There are absolutely no obligations of any kind.

Following the consultation, the first step is to extract the sick teeth (if needed), so we can insert dental implants  in their  places. After that, we will take a dental impression and leave you with temporary teeth for 2 days.

Day 2.


This is the rest day of the 5-day treatment process. Budapest is a cherished tourist destination all year round with its scenic cityscape, historic buildings, and so much more to visit and enjoy.

Day 3.


The  third day of the treatment process is for testing the framework. If it fits properly, a dental technician will prepare your new teeth.

Day 4.


The  next day we will place and fix your teeth. At this point, you will regain your proper chewing function and your appealing smile. We will ask you to have a nice, hearty dinner and try your "new teeth".  We will gladly provide you restaurant recommendations!

Day  5.


If any adjustments are needed, we can perform these  on the last day.

You will be able to take your  flight home  later that  evening  or the next  morning, with your new, perfect smile.


We would like to hear from you after we finished the treatment process. You will receive a warranty contract that is in your best interest to keep, because it is needed for your annual check-ups in the future. These check-ups will be essential to maintain the functionality of your new teeth. Your perfect smile is our best reference.

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High-level diagnostics

Dental diagnostics is vital before proceeding with an implantation procedure, therefore we will certainly carry out a dental CT scan to be able to design and customise the procedure with high accuracy.

Pain-free dental procedures, even with general anaesthesia

We have access to the most sophisticated anaesthetic and surgical technology, the most modern, ready-to-use Swiss dental implants.

General anaesthesia is performed by our designated anaesthesiologist.

In most cases, this procedure does not require any preliminary health assessment, but if you have any concerns please let us know prior to coming to Budapest.

Naturally, if you can spare another half a day, we can run tests for you here, on the site. It’s advised to choose general anaesthesia, since the procedure might take several hours. You would be more comfortable sleeping through it, then concentrating on your recovery.

Quality and warranty are the highest priorities

In the past years, our clinic underwent developments and improvements that perfectly comply with or in some cases exceed the standards and quality of the clinics in the UK or Switzerland. Warranty is natural and imperative. It’s worth noting that our clinic is run under private practice. Our dentists are assisted by highly-trained dental technicians to ensure your rapid, perfect and comfortable care at our in site lab.

Excellent location

Our clinic is located in the Western part of Budapest, in an elegant, reputable quarter on the inner side of Buda, on the first floor of a classic, old building. It’s a prestigious district with excellent transportation, therefore you don’t have to travel much around once in the city.

We speak excellent English

At our clinic, you will be able to communicate your needs and we will be able to answer all your questions. Throughout the past years, we have conducted over 10,000 dental implant procedures for patients from all over the world, and they left with a perfect smile.

Affordable prices

Our Budapest clinic is particularly esteemed for our low prices, since dental fittings and implants may cost half as much as they would in your home country. We only work with Swiss materials of excellent quality.

Predictable consultation

You will acquire every necessary information before your arrival: you can inform, inquire and request a price quotation from us via phone or email. You have the option to contact your doctor from back home, you can attach and send any xrays or former treatment records you have via e-mail.

Your consultation begins remotely so that you can take your place in the examination chair with an almost complete treatment plan.

5 days in Budapest and you will leave with a perfect smile

Your time spent here will be a nice, relaxing break, since the optimal duration of treatment is 5 days.

Temporary teeth in this short transition

You should know that in most cases you won’t be left without teeth even for the short time of the procedure, you will receive temporary fittings at our clinic on the very first day until your permanent teeth are ready. Having no teeth should not cause you any unease.

Now is the time to get perfect teeth and smile in five days – this is what you’ve always wanted, is it not?

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Price list

Full upper or lower arch restoration with implants

Covers: consultation, CT scan, local anaesthesia, extractions, 8-12 implants, full house bridge (12 teeth) and medications if needed.


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Porcelain fused to metal crown or bridge unit


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Immediate load
dental implant

Covers: 1 immediate load implant, extraction of the sick tooth, local anaesthesia


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Zirconia (metal-free crown)

The perfect material for the best aesthetic result. It can be placed in case of metal allergy.


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General anaesthesia- Painless dentistry

Fixed price for for surgeries over 3 hours.
Please ask for a quote.


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